Ventolin Inhalers

- Role of Oxygen Debt in the Development of Organ Failure Sepsis, and Death in High-Risk Surgical Patients (4)

The patients were allocated (a) to a control group (29 patients) maintained at normal hemodynamic and oxygen transport values, or (b) to a protocol group (27 patients) maintained at supranormal values of Cl greater than 4.5 L/min*m2, oxygen delivery (DoJ greater than 600 ml/min-m2, and Vo2 greater than 170 ml/min-m2; these therapeutic goals were empirically determined as the median values of critically ill survivors of high-risk surgery.

In this prospective series, there were six control and five protocol patients with prior severe myocardial infarctions, four control and seven patients who underwent extensive and prolonged ablative surgery, one control and four protocol patients over 70 years old with limited physiologic reserve, one control and one protocol patient with severe shock, one protocol patient with acute massive blood loss, three control and two protocol patients with septic shock, two control patients with respiratory failure, 12 control and eight protocol patients with acute abdominal catastrophies, one control patient with renal failure, six control and five protocol patients with late-stage vascular disease, and one protocol patient with severe multiple trauma. None of the preoperative problems were considered postoperative complications.

August 6, 2013 Oxygen
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