Ventolin Inhalers

- Role of Oxygen Debt in the Development of Organ Failure Sepsis, and Death in High-Risk Surgical Patients (12)

The first three of these are probably the most important.
Sources of error in the proposed approach include interpolation between the measured data sets in order to calculate the cumulated Vo2 deficit. Over 10,000 sets of measurements with more than 100,000 values of oxygen transport and metabolism were performed in the present study. It is doubtful if more measurements, or even continuous measurements, would produce materially different results. Moreover, it would be difficult for the data to be biased because the outcome of each patient was not known when the measurements were taken and recorded.
The proposed approach assumes that the patients own Vo2 in the preoperative control period represents his own normal resting basal Vo2. The baseline control Vo2 prior to surgical trauma is corrected for the effects of anesthesia and temperature and extrapolated to the intraoperative and immediate postoperative period. This assumption does not take into consideration postoperative changes in body metabolism from CNS depression, acute malnutrition, depressed thyroid and adrenal function, reduced muscle activity, fatigue, and the bedridden state.

August 27, 2013 Oxygen
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