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- Pneumococcal Bacteremia with Pneumonia (7)

Pneumococcal Bacteremia with Pneumonia (7)Of the six surviving AIDS patients, three received cephalosporins, two received penicillin, and one received clindamycin with aminoglycosides.
Of the six non-HIV-infected patients who died, three received cephalosporins, two received penicillin, and one was not treated. Thirteen patients in the group of 18 survivors received penicillin, three received cephalosporins, one received erythromycin, and one received clindamycin.
The mortality rate of 25 percent for bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia in patients without HIV infection is similar to that in previous studies. The usual risk factors that are associated with and/or promote the development of pneumococcal pneumonia such as smoking, alcohol abuse and cirrhosis, and no treatment were operative in this group of patients. When the burden of AIDS was added to the same geographic population of patients, mortality doubled to more than 50 percent. This death rate is higher than the 32 percent seen in neoplastic disease and pneumococcal bacteremia and is exceeded only by the preantibiotic age mortality of 62 percent.
The cause for this increased mortality is most likely related to impairment of humoral immunity, which is needed to fight infections by encapsulated organisms such as pneumococcal bacteria.

July 10, 2013 Pulmonary function
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