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- Pneumococcal Bacteremia with Pneumonia (4)

After resolution of PCP patient 3 developed a fever, new infiltrate, tod strep pneumonia in blood cultures and was treated for a hospital-acquired pneumonia. The third AIDS patient with a bilateral interstitial pneumonia had suspected PCP and refused bronchoscopy. He was treated with trimethoprim-suifamethoxazole and died in septic shock a few days later with strep pneumonia. If these three AIDS patients with PCP (and bilateral infiltrates) are excluded from the statistical analysis, there is no difference between the occurrence of unilateral and bilateral pneumonia. A strong smoking history was present in five of 14 AIDS patients, 18 of 24 non-HIV-infected patients, and six of 11 HIV-infected non-AIDS patients. Two of 14 AIDS patients, 12 of 24 non-HIV-infected patients, and two of 11 HIV-infected non-AIDS patients were heavy drinkers.
There was a significant difference in mortality (Table 4) due to pneumococcal bacteremic pneumonia in the three groups of patients (x2= 10.67, p<0.01). When a comparison is done between AIDS patients and controls with x2 (p<0.05) or the Z test for independent proportions (p<0.025), there is a significant difference between these two groups.

July 3, 2013 Pulmonary function
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