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- Pneumococcal Bacteremia with Pneumonia (12)

It was unclear from the study by Austrian and Gold as to what caused their early death rate.
Nosocomial strep pneumonia, the fourth leading type of hospital-acquired pneumonia, occurred in two AIDS patients and one patient without HIV infection in this study. These three patients were elderly or had a humoral immunodeficiency (AIDS), both of which factors predispose to strep pneumonia pulmonary infection. Two patients survived and one AIDS patient with nonobstructive jaundice died. Unlike our patients, most noisocomial pneumonias are secondary to Gram-negative bacillary infection and have a greater than 50 percent mortality rate. Most of these Gram-negative bacillary nosocomial pneumonias occur in patients with respiratory assist devices. None of these three patients had a respiratory support device when the pneumonia occurred.
Given the high incidence and mortality associated with pneumococcal pneumonia in AIDS, consideration should be given to immunization of all HIV-positive patients without AIDS, since they appear to respond favorably to vaccines.

July 23, 2013 Pulmonary function
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