Ventolin Inhalers

- Pneumococcal Bacteremia with Pneumonia (10)

The five patients with strep pneumonia and the six patients with Hemophilus influenzae pneumonia survived. One other case report noted two patients, one with strep pneumonia and one with H influenzae pneumonia, who had an AIDS-like clinical and immunologic profile. Both patients developed a fulminant pneumonia requiring mechanical respiratory support and each survived with aggressive treatment.
Mortality within the first few hospitalized days was very high in the AIDS and non-HIV-infected patients in this study. In patients without HIV infection, four of six died within 24 h, a fifth patient died on the fifth day and was never treated for strep pneumonia, and one patient died on the 14th day despite treatment. Septic shock was the cause of death in all six patients. Penicillin therapy was initially started in one third of patients who died and 87 percent of patients who survived. The difference in penicillin therapy may have been due to the severe illness noted in the patients, with more broad-spectrum therapy used in the more severely ill patients. When mortality is evaluated only in patients who received more than five days of therapy, there was only one death (5.3 percent mortality) in this group.

July 18, 2013 Pulmonary function
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