Ventolin Inhalers

- Expression of Cyclooxygenase: RESULTS(7)

Abundance of COX-2 in both horns of control cows was similar (control X ipsi vs. control X contra, paired f-test, P > 0.1), whereas levels of COX-2 were higher after treatment in ipsi horns compared with contralateral (IFN X ipsi vs. IFN X contra, paired f-test, P < 0.05).

The signal for COX-2 was not significantly altered (treatment; treatment X horn, ANOVA, P > 0.1), even when ipsi and contralateral horns were compared, in the stroma (Fig. 8D), the glandular epithelium, the blood vessels, and the myometrium (not shown). Nonimmune serum showed no staining (Fig. 7I).

GM-CSF Immunostaining Is Increased in LE after IFN-t Treatment

Expression levels of GM-CSF (Fig. 7, G and H) in the LE (Fig. 8E) were significantly increased after treatment (ANOVA, P < 0.05). The intensity of the signal reached 1.5 ± 0.2-fold over control values (control vs. IFN, paired Mest P < 0.05). Immunostaining was not different between both uterine horns (treatment X horn, ANOVA, P > 0.5). In the stroma (Fig. 8F), immunostaining for GM-CSF was not significantly altered (treatment; treatment X horn, AN-OVA, P > 0.1), and no variation could be found between treatment and control in glandular epithelium, blood vessels, and myometrium (not shown). Control IgG1 showed no reactivity (Fig. 7J).

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