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- Differential Regulation of Colony Stimulating Factor: INTRODUCTION(4)

In keeping with its known immunomodulatory functions, we have proposed the involvement of MIF in regulating macrophage accumulation in the pregnant endometrium.

The current study evaluated the involvement of CSF1 and MIF in the recruitment and maintenance of macrophages in human decidua. After demonstrating the presence of these two potentially antagonistic chemokines by immunohistochemical staining of sections of term decidua, we sought to elucidate the mechanisms underlying decidual CSF1 and MIF expression.

To accomplish this goal, we evaluated the effects of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interleukin 1beta (IL1B), which are known regulators of CSF1 and MIF expression that are present at the fetal-maternal interface, on CSF1 and MIF mRNA and protein levels in monolayers of leukocyte-free decidual cells. The interactions of progestin with these inflammatory cytokines on CSF1 and MIF expression were also assessed in these cultured cells. The results suggest that CSF1 and MIF are involved in regulating macrophage trafficking in human decidua, and describe a novel mechanism through which TNF and IL1B can influence pregnancy.

June 22, 2014 Macrophage
Tags: cytokines deciduas immunology pregnancy